Apple Music vs Spotify

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better?

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better, with almost 13 years in the market, is unquestionably a veteran in the field of music streaming. However, in less than six years, Apple Music has established itself as a serious rival.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better Both platforms have a lot to offer, making the decision even more difficult. So, to assist you in making that selection, we dug deep into what each platform has to offer and what is missing. Let’s get this party started!

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that is free to use. It was created in 2006 by Swedish entrepreneurs Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. Two years later, it was released in Europe. As of this writing, Spotify is available in 184 countries (February 2022). It has about 406 million monthly active users, 180 million of them are paid members.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better
Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better

What Is Apple Music

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better

Apple Music was created to be a substitute for the buggy iTunes app. Following the acquisition of Beats in 2014, the company’s team drove the creation of the new app. Apple Music was finally released in 2015. As of this writing (February 2022), it is available in 168 countries and has an estimated 98 million customers.

Free plan

Spotify, unlike Apple Music, offers a free, ad-supported service. You may use this to listen to everything in Spotify’s content catalog. However, on-demand playback is relatively limited. This implies that some playlists can only be listened to in shuffle mode.

Library limit

Apple Music customers are limited to a total of 100,000 songs in their music collections. Previously, Spotify had a similar restriction that limited users to just 10,000 songs in their Library. This restriction has now been lifted, enabling users to “like” an infinite number of songs.

Audio streaming quality

Apple Music absolutely outperforms Spotify in audio streaming quality. Apple Music now provides lossless audio quality of up to 24-bit/192 kHz, as well as spatial audio with Dolby Atmos, according to a recent upgrade. This upgrade enables customers to stream music at audiophile-grade quality, as opposed to Spotify’s maximum option of up to 320kbps bitrate.

Different Family plan requirements

Both applications have Family plans, however the qualifying conditions vary. Those interested in signing up for a Spotify Family Premium subscription must live at the same address. Subscribers to Apple Music, on the other hand, merely need to be in the same iTunes Store area.

Additional subscription plans

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better also has a Premium Duo membership level available. This enables two persons to have separate Premium accounts. And you may do so for a reduced monthly fee of $12.99. However, both parties must reside at the same address. Apple Music, on the other hand, only offers Individual, Family, and Student subscriptions.

Additional plan perks

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better offers discounts on certain subscription options. Spotify Kids is included in their Family Premium subscription. This enables children to create their own Spotify profiles filled with kid-friendly content. Hulu and SHOWTIME, two popular video streaming services, are also included in the Premium Student package. Apple Music, on the other hand, does not provide access to these other services.

Amount of Music Content

When it comes to music, Spotify and Apple Music both have vast music collections with 82 million and 90 million tracks, respectively.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better currently has about 4 billion playlists and is continually extending its music offering by adding thousands of new tracks every day. This rate rose to 60,000 additional tracks created per day in February 2021.

Because of a relationship between Spotify and Billboard, users can expect to discover all of the latest big singles on the app. On Spotify, the music newspaper curates 124 playlists, featuring major charts such as the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard 200, and Billboard Weekly.

There’s also a Charts area where viewers can see which songs or artists are currently trending throughout the world. Weekly Song Charts, Daily Song Charts, and Daily Viral Charts from up to 70 different areas may be found here.

Spotify covers all of the main music genres, such as Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Chill, and so on. However, the app also includes more unusual genres such as Karaoke, Cooking & Dining, Anime, and Songwriters.


Spotify is the winner.
Apple Music does,Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better  in fact, include a large selection of video material and radio programs. However, the majority of this content is exclusively about music.

Spotify Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better , on the other hand, provides more diverse material. The podcasts alone cover a wide range of topics, not simply music. Discussions can range from society, culture, lifestyle, politics, business, philosophy, and so on. Though Spotify does not offer live radio programming, you may listen to news podcasts on the app, many of which are updated on a daily basis.

Audio Quality

Spotify Premium Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better offers 5 audio quality options that are easily accessible from the Settings menu. This allows users to select their audio quality preset, which is useful while streaming over mobile data.

Apple Music, on the other hand, has four audio quality levels, two of which are lossless.

Ease of Use

Both applications feature a clean, minimalist style in terms of design and layout. Both programs’ desktop versions have a stationary sidebar that assists with navigation. It shows all of the main content categories, as well as your own playlists and the Library.

The sidebar on Apple Music is customisable, allowing you to select which areas you wish to see.

By “liking” a song or hitting the heart icon, you can also save it to your Library and enhance the app’s suggestions. Apple Music, on the other hand, lacks a sorting tool. “Liking” songs and adding them to your Library are also two different processes that novice users may struggle with.

Finally, moving between devices while listening to music on Spotify Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better is absolutely effortless. Attempting to do so on Apple Music not only breaks your listening, but also results in a pop-up message stating that “more than one device is attempting to play music.”

Additional Features

Wrapped and Replay

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better

Wrapped by Spotify is only available at the end of each year. But, with its stylish design, music listening insights, and entertaining statistics, it’s always something to look forward to. Meanwhile, customers may use Apple Music Replay all year, although the function would have been stronger if it provided more than simply a playlist of songs.


Than state that one app is clearly superior to the other is an oversimplification. On the technological front, both applications are evenly matched. Both are relatively easy to use and have acceptable sound quality.

The distinction is in the sort of material provided and how it is presented. This is when your own tastes come into play. We hope that our in-depth study has assisted you in determining which app will give the most material that you will appreciate.

What did you think of our review? Are there any more noteworthy points you believe we should have included? If you’d like to share your thoughts on your personal experiences with both platforms, please do so in the comments section below.

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