Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022

Spotify and Apple Music are the music streaming industry’s giants, but which is superior?

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022 streaming is major business, and after years of services, the industry has grown quite congested. Many applications are competing for the attention of customers ready to pay a monthly subscription, but two titans are at the top of the heap: Spotify and Apple Music.

With so many smartphone users listening to music on a regular basis, a subscription to a streaming app is a requirement. As the two most renowned services on the market, most consumers will select one or the other.

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From the outside, the two appear to be identical all-you-can-eat music services, and they’re quite interchangeable. There are several variations between the two audio entertainment alternatives when examined closely.

Users who have committed to one service may not see the need to switch, although there may be advantages to doing so depending on your listening needs.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Age and Audience

Spotify is the older of the two, having been in operation since 2006 and so having the most time on the market.

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022 Apple Music debuted in 2015, however it benefits from Apple’s history with iTunes, which debuted in 2001 and was followed by the iTunes Music Store in 2003. It was also not a project that Apple created from scratch, since features were borrowed from Beats Music, the service purchased as part of the larger $3 billion Beats acquisition.

Spotify, as the market’s long-standing streaming choice, has established itself as the 800-pound behemoth. According to research issued in January, Spotify was the largest internationally, with a 31 percent share in 2021, down from 33 percent in 2020.

According to the same study, Apple Music came in second, accounting for 15% of the over 524 million worldwide streaming music service listeners.

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022

Because Apple does not provide subscriber figures on a regular basis, there is no official word on how many people subscribe to it. According to Spotify, it has 182 million subscriptions and 422 million monthly active users.

Spotify’s nearest, but still distant, competition is Apple Music. However, it is closely followed by Amazon Music and Tencent Music, both with 13%, and YouTube Music, with 8%.

Apple Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022  be surpassed by a rival, and in a market that grew 26 percent year on year in Q2 2021, there’s a lot of potential customers to grab.

End users will be unconcerned with the number of the subscriber base or the age of the service, as long as they know both have extensive expertise and will be around for a long time. They aren’t going to vanish in an instant. Both are here to stay.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Songs and Audio Content

The repertoire of music and information accessible for listening may be more essential to users. It’s pointless to pay for a service if the music you enjoy isn’t available.

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022 claims to have “over 82 million tracks, including over 4 million podcast titles.” Meanwhile, Apple has a larger repertoire of 90 million songs to listen to.

Most consumers won’t notice the difference in number because they will both easily cover the great majority of popular audio recordings. Catalog sizes do matter for more obscure tracks that may not have a large audience, as well as alternative versions of albums.

But the basic truth is that each contains a lot of music for you to listen to.

When it comes to listening to music, bitrates make a difference in terms of quality. Spotify’s applications provide an Ogg Vorbis stream quality similar to 160kbps for free users, and 320kbps for premium users.

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022   normal bitrate for AAC streaming is 256kbps, but that’s not the end of the tale. There’s also Lossless to consider.

Apple introduced Lossless as a high-definition audio option, providing music with more fidelity than usual. There are two quality settings available: 24-bit/48kHz Lossless and 24-bit/192kHz Hi-Res Lossless.

To chuck about these larger amounts of data, a larger quantity of bandwidth is necessary. That translates to a bitrate of up to 1,411kbps for Apple Music Lossless, which is significantly higher than normal.

The main constraint is that you must have the appropriate hardware to listen to Lossless audio.

Spotify did declare it will create a comparable high-fidelity service called Spotify HiFi, but despite the advertising, it failed to materialize and was postponed indefinitely in January.

Both services have customized playlists created by music professionals, but Apple Music outperforms the competition with “Radio.” Apple Music 1 and Apple Music Hits are practically digital radio stations with hosts and selected playlists, with content delivered live to all users who listen in at the same time.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Podcasts and Other Content

Podcasts are recognized by both Apple and Spotify as long-form content that may be delivered to consumers, but they function in different ways.

To begin, Spotify offers podcasts as podcasts within its app. Podcasts are technically a separate thing housed within Apple’s Podcasts app.

Each side offers exclusive content that the other cannot, as well as access to a vast number of third-party podcasts.

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022
Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022

If we confine ourselves to the Apple Music app, you could argue that radio station catch-up programs are equivalent, if not identical, to exclusive podcasts. This includes on-demand artist interviews, profiles, and show styles other than song-by-song playback.

Apple uses video far more extensively, including music videos with tracks, documentaries, and other content. Spotify does provide certain video features, such as video podcast playback and some exclusive content, but it is far from as advanced as Apple’s offering.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Other Features

Aside from the aforementioned Lossless, Apple Music offers a plethora of services that may be useful to customers.

For starters, Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022  with Dolby Atmos compatibility allows you to listen to specially-produced tracks in 3D. With the necessary Apple personal audio devices, such as the AirPods Max, you may listen to audio that surrounds you and changes as you move your head.

Then there’s offline playback, which allows users to download music and listen to them without needing to connect to the Internet. This is also available through Spotify’s Premium subscription.

The service benefits greatly from its extensive interaction with Apple’s ecosystem, such as the ability for Siri inquiries to play back anything in the collection. Accessing music across all Apple devices and switching between objects, such as an iPhone and a HomePod mini, allows users even more freedom over how they listen to music.

Apple Music may be utilized on a large variety of devices thanks to the inclusion of a web-based player and applications for non-Apple platforms such as Android and Windows.

Apple Music vs Spotify: Free Tiers

The way each service treats free users is a significant variation in mentality.

Apple Music does not have a free tier; instead, it offers a free service trial. This trial period can be extended up to six months with the purchase of certain audio devices, but you will be required to pay a membership or cancel after that time.

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022 both a Premium membership and a Free plan. Although the free tier is always available, it does not provide the same experience as those who pay for the service.

For starters, free users will have to listen to advertisements that interrupt their playlists. This happens every few songs, which is similar to commercial radio.

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022

Apple Music vs Spotify: Plans and Subscriptions

A Family package is also available, which includes Apple’s Family Sharing and accounts for up to six individuals, complete with personal music libraries and suggestions for each member. That plan costs $14.99 from Apple.

A fourth choice, Voice, is distinct in that it is a version of Apple Music that works through Siri. Instead of surfing the app to choose songs, you must make your requests through Apple’s digital assistant.

If you usually listen to music on your HomePod mini or are content to let Siri drive, this is an intriguing alternative. The monthly fee for the Voice plan is $4.99.

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022

Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022 has four different options, each with a one-month trial period, in addition to the free tier. Individual is the normal one-user Premium option, costing $9.99. Duo, as the name says, delivers two Premium accounts for $12.99.

Family provides six Premium accounts for $15.99 a month, with the option to restrict explicit music and utilize a separate app for children called Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022 Kids.

Finally, Student is $4.99 a month, with US customers also receiving ad-supported access to Hulu and Showtime.

Users may sign up for Apple Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022 subscriptions directly from the iOS app. Due to ongoing disagreements between Apple and Compared: Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022  App Store, Spotify has disabled the option for consumers to join up through an in-app signup.

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