Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

How to Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide] Are you trying to find a free method to use Spotify Premium? In this article, we’ve covered a number of ways to acquire Spotify Premium for Free. You may download music, have an ad-free experience, and access a number of other premium features as a Spotify Premium subscriber.

About Spotify

Spotify is a well-known music streaming service that offers algorithmic recommendations and daily music and podcast discovery that are catered to each listener’s audio tastes. With millions of songs to select from, it’s a great tool that lets you make your own playlist.

You must upgrade to the Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide] edition of the program nevertheless if you want to get the most of it. This calls for continuous subscriptions, though, and those might add up over time. But we’ve shown you how to download Spotify Premium and use its features without paying a monthly fee in this post.

Why is Spotify Premium necessary? The free edition of Spotify contains a number of restrictions, as well as intrusive advertisements and few features. For instance, Spotify free users are unable to download songs from the service for offline listening. They are subject to advertising when streaming on Spotify and can only play Spotify tracks in shuffle mode.

You may still experience Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide]free trial for 30 days if you currently have a free subscription and don’t want to pay for the Premium version. Before we examine further ways to obtain Spotify Premium, let’s first examine the Premium edition of the service and its advantages.

What is Spotify premium?

Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide]  is one of the most important music subscription services available. With a premium membership, users may download music to their devices, listen offline, skip as much music as they can, avoid advertising, and more.

Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide]
Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide]
The four tiers of Spotify Premium are Individual, Duo, Family, and Student. These bundles make up the premium membership. The monthly cost of an individual plan is $9.99, a duo plan is $12.99, a family plan is $15.99, and a student plan is $4.99.

Benefits and Features of Spotify Premium

Additionally, the premium edition makes it simple for you to make your ideal playlist. You may also send your playlists and songs to friends all around the world. Here are some other extra features and advantages of Spotify Premium:

No Ads

A free Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide]  membership also has the advantage of being ad-free. All of your preferred music will be available for continuous listening.

High-definition streaming is another perk of Premium. The player’s default bitrate on desktop is 160 kbps; Premium enables you to raise it to 320 kbps, the best compression rate you’ll notice.

High-Quality Music

In addition to getting rid of adverts, premium grants full access on your mobile devices. On your phone, just as on your PC, you can listen to any song. Now that you’re not restricted to shuffling, you may skip tracks, listen to Radio, and explore everything the app has to offer.

Downloads Music for Offline Listening

Offline listening, which allows you to download the music and listen to it offline, is another important benefit of Premium. You may also download any album or playlist to listen to it offline. The caveat is that you have to log on once every 30 days to keep your offline music alive. Simply ensuring that Spotify still recognizes you as a Premium member is the purpose of this check.

Unlimited Skips

You don’t have to wait for a song to conclude in order to change to another one while using Spotify premium. Instead, you may change to the next soundtrack on your playlist whenever you like and stop listening to the current song.

Spotify Connect

Additionally, only Premium users have access to Spotify Connect, which enables you to manage Spotify music across many devices. With Connect, you can pair Spotify with particular devices like speakers or a PS4 and use your smartphone to control what is playing on your laptop.

This is a wonderful tool for party music control since it enables smooth switching between listening on a phone and a PC.

How To Get Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2022

Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

Using ViWizard Spotify Music Downloader

ViWizard Any Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide] user, whether free or premium, may download all Spotify songs, playlists, and albums for offline listening via the Spotify Music Downloader system. With this utility, Spotify tracks may be downloaded and converted to MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, and AAC. Additionally, while retaining a free account, you may utilize this method to access any Spotify Premium feature.

Above all else, this tool is completely secure. Now that you know how to use ViWizard Spotify Songs Converter to download and convert Spotify music to MP3 with a free subscription, you should follow these steps.

How to Use ViWizard Spotify Music Downloader

The following are the current ways to obtain free Spotify music using ViWizard.

Step 1: Import Spotify Playlists And Tracks Into ViWizard

On your Mac or Windows computer, launch ViWizard Spotify Downloader. The Spotify app will then open automatically. After that, go to your Spotify account and log in. Then go to the Spotify Store and drag any music or playlist into the ViWizard downloading box.

Adjust output settings in step two.

Choosing an output format, such as WAV, MP3, M4B, M4A, AAC, or AAC FLAC, may be done after the Spotify songs have been imported into ViWizard Music Converter for Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide] . The output channel, codec, bit rate, and conversion speed can all be altered.

Step 3: Offline Spotify Music Download and Conversion

Click the Convert button in the lower right corner. The Spotify music will then be downloaded to MP3 or other unprotected formats. Click the Convert button to discover which app successfully converted music after conversion.

Congratulations! You own every piece of music on Spotify. Remove the commercials, listen to them offline, and share them with anyone, anywhere. All depends on you! The Spotify Premium service is free to use for as long as you’d want if you have a ViWizard Spotify Music Downloader.

Using Multiple 90-days Premium Trial Accounts (Easiest Spotify Hack)

Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide]
Here is another way to obtain free Spotify Premium. One month, three months, and six months are the three free trials that Spotify offers. Most individuals are only aware of the 30-day free trial.

Before purchasing a subscription plan,Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide]  will provide you a one-month free trial. Since it is posted on the official VIP website, everyone has access to this information. Additionally, if you choose PayPal as your method of payment throughout the checkout process, you will get three months of Spotify Premium for free. This promotion is only valid for existing PayPal users with US accounts.

The 6-month free trial is only available for a select few smartphone types, though. You’ll be eligible for a free trial of six months of premium service if you’re an American customer who registers a new Spotify account on one of these Samsung devices:


S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra 5G Galaxy S20

Note20 Ultra and Galaxy Note20 5G

A51 Galaxy

Samsung Z Flip

A71 Galaxy 5G

The following steps will show you how to make multiple 1-month free trial accounts:

Visit the Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide] website with your web browser, scroll down to the “Pick your Premium” section, choose “Individual,” and then click “GET STARTED.”
After being linked to the new “Login” page in your browser, select “SIGN UP FOR SPOTIFY.”
Click “SIGN UP” after filling out all required fields.

Go back to step 1’s Spotify premium website. The “Try Spotify Premium” button is located in the “Individual” section. Toggle it on.

Choose a Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide] option and enter your billing details. Be not frightened. Up to the conclusion of your free trial, Spotify won’t charge you. When you’re finished, click “START MY SPOTIFY PREMIUM.” Your Spotify Premium membership will start right now.

Install the Spotify Premium mod APK

A customized version of the Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide] called Spotify premium apk gives users access to premium features. To get unrestricted access to all paid services, you do not need to purchase a premium subscription! Only Android-powered smartphones may use this app. However, Windows users may install it using the Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Here’s a fast guide for installing the Spotify Premium apk for Android:

Step 1: Find the latest and best-commented version of “Spotify Premium apk” on your Android smartphone and download it.

Step 2: If you downloaded a Zip file, extract it. After that, tap the apk file you have downloaded to start the installation. In some Android OS versions, the message “not authorized to install unknown apps” will prevent your installation.

Step 3: Log into your Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide] account to get all of the premium features.


Due to its unrestricted access to millions of songs and podcast episodes, Spotify is one of the most widely used music streaming services.

When they wish to listen to music, many music lovers use Get Spotify Premium For Free 2022 [Ultimate Guide] The platform’s ability to offer both free and paid services is one of its strongest characteristics. So that you may pick a course of action based on your choices. There are many songs of every genre that you may listen to. This tutorial on how to acquire Spotify Premium for Free will be helpful for those who are unable to afford the monthly membership charge for Premium.

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