How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers)

How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers) If you enjoy music, it’s likely that you are familiar with Spotify.

You may listen to more than 40 million songs on Spotify, regardless of your musical tastes in rap, rock, electronic, or focus music.

The service has held one of the top places in the streaming landscape ever since it first appeared on the scene. The Verge reports that Spotify now has 217 million active monthly users globally, including free subscriptions. That is a sizable number of platform enthusiasts.

Although there is a fairly significant gap between ardent Spotify and ardent Apple Music customers, you should be aware of the cost and benefits of a membership before making your final decision.

How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers)  You should consider the cost and advantages of a subscription before deciding, even if there is a very large divide between devoted Spotify and fervent Apple Music consumers.

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The free tier of Spotify
Premium Spotify
Family-friendly Spotify Premium
Students can use Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium: let’s talk tiers

There is nothing more annoying than having constant advertising disrupt your day. Ads that break up your playlist’s flow are no different.

Nobody enjoys having to wait at the end of the commercials so they can resume listening to their music, but we all know that nothing wonderful ever comes easily. There is a cost associated with using Spotify for free. Time.

The Spotify free tier

In the end, Spotify is a service that you never actually have to pay for. The free tier of Spotify has several limitations yet is absolutely free (surprise!).

What is Spotify’s free tier?How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers)

You may avoid paying a monthly membership charge by installing Spotify on your smartphone or desktop computer. You may use the free tier for the rest of your life. What follows then?

With How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers)  tier, you may stream on cellphones, PCs, Smart TVs, PS3 and PS4, Android devices, Apple Carplay, and 40 million songs (with the exception of some new releases for up to two weeks).

That’s fantastic, right? It is. If you choose not to purchase Premium, you will have to make a few concessions. You will have to listen to advertisements rather frequently, which is the free tier’s initial drawback. You inquire how frequently. Every 15 minutes or so, an advertisement will play. You are also only permitted six skips each hour on shuffle, and you can’t listen to any radio stations or curated playlists.

How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers)
How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers)

The How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers)  inability to pick certain music when streaming on a mobile device is one of the largest concessions. When streaming from your phone, you can just shuffle the music. The audio quality is poorer than it would be if you were to stream Premium membership audio, and you also won’t be able to listen offline.

There is no need to start a Premium subscription if none of it bothers you. But let’s discuss Premium because I know there are serious music enthusiasts like myself out there who are prepared to pay for a superior listening experience.

Spotify Premium

The usual monthly fee for an individual Spotify Premium subscription is $9.99. You may choose which songs to play, download tracks for offline listening, skip as many songs as you’d like, and more with the membership. You can also access higher quality audio streams, entirely ad-free listening, the opportunity to choose which songs to play, and more.

individual Spotify premium plan

You may genuinely listen to your music however, whenever, and anywhere you want with a How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers) . You’ll get full access to mobile options, specially curated playlists designed particularly for you, and Spotify Radio stations. There’s no need to shuffle songs and hope you like the next one. You may pick and choose what music you jam to with Premium.

You can utilise Spotify Connect, which enables you to play music across different devices, if you have a subscription. You can control what is playing on your laptop using the Spotify Connect app on your phone, and vice versa. This makes managing your music during gatherings and parties a breeze.

Spotify Premium for family

Free things appeal to people. Spotify is popular. However, How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers)  is not available for free. That is sad. On the plus side, you can definitely get Premium for a reduced cost.

For $14.99 per month, Spotify Premium for Family gives up to six people access to a single Premium membership. The group may still maintain individual accounts for each member while paying significantly less for the same Premium features thanks to this pooled subscription. The price per person for a Premium Family subscription decreases as additional members are added.

It is up to you to determine whether or not to abide by How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers)  that all six users must dwell at the same location because the streaming service simply accepts your word for address verification.

Spotify Premium for students

With a few extras, Spotify Premium for students offers the same benefits as an individual Premium membership. A student membership comes with an ad-supported Hulu plan as well as one to SHOWTIME and costs $4.99 per month (50 percent off for qualified students presently enrolled in a college or university).

Spotify Student Premium Plan

How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers) is giving you a really good bargain since SHOWTIME costs $11 and an ad-supported Hulu package typically costs $8 per month. in particular if you enjoy watching TV.

Reminder:How Much Is Spotify Premium? (The Different Subscription Tiers)  will accept all US-based recognised Title IV universities and employs a third-party API called SheerID to validate your enrollment status. Your student subscription is available to users over the age of 18, has a one-year expiration date, and is renewable.

It’s up to you

Although we are unable to make your decision for you, we hope that reading about the various options has moved you one step closer to making the commitment to join Spotify Premium. It makes sense to sign up for a streaming service if you often listen to music. The choice of which one you like is entirely up to you.

You can instantly stream millions of music when you upgrade to Premium, which also offers a fantastic selection of extras. Not that there aren’t other choices available.

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