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How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker

How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker

How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker While Spotify mod apk allows us to listen to streaming music for free,  it also imposes some limitations on our listening experience. One of the most vexing aspects may be the adverts that display at random during music playback. Spotify encourages us to upgrade from free to Premium by spending $9.99 monthly to hear ad-free music. In truth, there are additional ways to prevent adverts on Spotify than subscribing to Spotify Premium. We’ll go through numerous methods for getting rid of Spotify advertisements in this section.

Part 1. How to Block Ads on Spotify bu Upgrading to Spotify Premium

The most common option to remove adverts from Spotify is to switch from a free account to a Premium account, which requires a $9.99 monthly membership cost. After subscribing to Spotify Premium, How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker you’ll be able to listen to music from Spotify in 320kbps high quality without the distractions of commercials, as well as download Spotify music for offline playing on any device.

How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker
How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker

Tutorial: How to Get Premium on Spotify

Step 1: Go to the Spotify official website and look for the Get Spotify Premium option on the page, then click it.
Step 2: Spotify provides a 3-month trial plan so you may experience the service before committing to a paid membership. Choose a payment option and provide the necessary information and details.
Step 3: At the bottom of the page, click the Start My Spotify Premium option to finalize the subscription.

To finish the subscription, click the Start My Spotify Premium option at the bottom of the page.

Part 2. How to Download Ad-free Spotify Songs with Spotify Downloader

Because of the rapid proliferation of third-party Spotify music downloading services, it is now viable and simple to remove adverts in Spotify without purchasing a Spotify Premium membership. In other words, you’ll be able to download ad-free Spotify songs with a free account using these sophisticated tools. Then you may listen to Spotify without being distracted by commercials.

How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker

ViWizard Spotify Music Converter is a clever Spotify ad blocker that can eliminate Spotify advertising when downloading Spotify music to MP3. It is compatible with both free and premium Spotify users and requires only a few clicks to download any Spotify single, album, or playlist. Furthermore, when eliminating advertising, it retains the original audio quality and ID3 information such as artist, title, album, and more.

Tutorial: How to Get Ad-free Spotify Music with ViWizard Spotify Ad Blocker

Step 1: On your PC, download and install ViWizard Spotify Music Converter. It is compatible with the most recent Mac and Windows operating systems, as well as the most recent Spotify app.
Step 2: Run the software, which will launch the Spotify app. After that, go through your music library and drag your favorite songs to the ViWizard interface.
Step 3: Select MP3 as the output format in the pop-up window by clicking Preferences from the top menu bar. Change the bit rate, sampling rate, and channel as well.

Step 4: Click the Convert button and wait for the procedure to finish. Then you may listen to ad-free Spotify music on any MP3 player or mobile device.

Part 3. How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blockers

If you want to skip adverts on Spotify for free, we also offer the most popular ad blocker for Spotify that you may test. You may prevent Spotify advertisements while listening to your favorite titles on your device using the options listed below.

1. EZBlocker

How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker

EZBlocker is more of an ad muter for Spotify than a free Spotify ad blocker, as it prevents advertising from loading on Spotify. To be more explicit, anytime an ad loads during the playback of a Spotify music, Spotify will be paused until the commercial ends. As a pure ad blocking application for Spotify, EZBlocker mutes the commercials while having no effect on other noises.

Tutorial: How to Remove Ads on Spotify with EZBlocker

Step 1: Get EZBlocker from its official website. Make sure you’re using Windows 8/10 or Windows 7 with.NET Framework 4.5 or above.
Step 2: Right-click EZBlocker.exe and choose “Run as Administrator.”
Step 3: It will then launch the Spotify app automatically. You may begin playing any tune, and it will mute the Spotify music advertising in the background.

Although EZBlocker is free for filtering Spotify adverts, it may not always perform as well as planned. For example, it may silence a music instead of an ad.

2. StopAd

StopAd, another free ad blocker for Spotify, can prevent adverts in the Spotify desktop program for Windows and Mac, as well as the Spotify online player. However, it does not yet disable audio adverts on the Spotify mobile app.

How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker

Tutorial: How to Block Ads in Spotify Desktop App or Web Player

How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker

Step 1: Download and install the StopAd software on your PC.
Step 2: Launch the software and go to the “Settings” menu in the lower left corner of the StopAd main window.
Step 3: Navigate to “Applications” > “Search app.” Then launch Spotify.

Step 4: Select it and then click “Add to filtering.”

3. Host File

One more famous method for impeding promotions for Spotify is updating the host record on your Windows or Mac.

Stage 1. Assuming you are utilizing Windows OS, go to C:\Windows\How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker\drivers\etc\hosts. For Mac clients, you ought to open the host record in Terminal by composing vim/and so on/has or sudo nano/and so on/has.
Stage 2. Open the host document and afterward glue this rundown at the lower part of the record. Save the altered document.
Stage 3. Send off Spotify and begin playing the track or playlist without any advertisements.

Part 4. FAQs about How to Listen to Spotify without Ads

Q1. How do I block ads from Spotify on my mobile device?

A: When attempting to hinder promotions in Spotify versatile rendition, you could utilize a Premium record to get to music or utilize a How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker or iOS. Like StopAd, you can utilize it to hinder promotions from Spotify on your iPhone or Android gadget.

Q2. Is it legal to use an ad ad blocker for Spotify?

A: In reality, if you want to listen to ad-free Spotify music, you should subscribe to any Premium plan. However, the subscription cost is prohibitively expensive. You’d use a How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker to muffle adverts while listening to Spotify music.

Conclusion & Suggestion

All of these strategies are effective in removing advertisements from Spotify .How to Block Ads on Spotify with Spotify Ad Blocker  If you don’t mind spending more money, switching to Premium or purchasing ViWizard Spotify Songs Downloader is strongly suggested since you can enjoy the extreme high quality of Spotify music without advertisements. However, if you prefer free alternatives, EZBlocker and StopAd may be better choices.

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