How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm

How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm

How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm You should use Last.fm if you listen to a lot of music. It may help you find new music and develop your collection while also providing unique insights into your musical preferences.

Spotify and Last.fm are fortunately compatible, so you can scrobble Spotify straight to your Last.fm profile. However, the procedure has evolved in recent years, and you now risk double scrobbling.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use Last.fm to scrobble your Spotify songs and avoid duplicate scrobbling. Continue reading to find out more.

What Is Scrobbling?

Scrobbling is the process of tracking the music you listen to via a third-party app. The word is most usually linked with submitting your listening history to Last.fm, although there are a few of other applications that do the same thing.

How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm works with your complete music library. You can scrobble from your desktop music app, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, Sonos, Tidal, and other services. There are other Android and iOS apps that can scrobble local music on your mobile devices.

How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm
How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm

To scrobble, you must provide Last.fm access to your listening history. Installing an app is sometimes required; alternatively, you may need to grant access from within a third-party app or the Last.fm website.

How to Scrobble Spotify

Depending on the device, you may scrobble Spotify to Last.fm in a variety of ways. In each case, you had to input your Last.fm credentials into How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm  settings section.

However, in June 2018, Last.fm and Spotify announced a new way to connect the two services. You must now configure Spotify scrobbling using Last.fm.

To get started, go to the Last.fm website and input your login information. There are two methods to link Last.fm to Spotify once you’ve logged into your account.

How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm

To use the first way, click on your profile image in the upper-right part of the screen, then Settings, and finally the Applications page. Simply click the Connect button next to the Spotify logo to begin scrobbling. If this is your first time connecting, you must enter your Spotify account and password.

How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm

The second option is to go to the How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm  About page and click on the Track My Music tab at the top of the screen. Scroll down to the Spotify entry and click Connect.

(Note: If you’re still scrobbling Spotify the old manner, make sure you completely disconnect before setting up the new one. You risk scrobbling the same music again if you don’t.)

The Benefits of Scrobbling Spotify to Last.fm

If you use the Last.fm scrobbler to scrobble Spotify, you’ll have access to a few special perks in addition to the core capabilities that Last.fm currently offers:

  • Local Spotify Files: Spotify lets you add your locally saved files into the app. The feature isn’t as reliable nor as useful as the Google Play Music offering—but it does give you a single interface for all your music tracks. As of the June 2018 update, Last.fm can also scrobble any locally saved songs that you play through the Spotify app.
  • Offline Scrobbling: All the iterations of the app allow you to download Spotify music to listen to offline. Last.fm can scrobble the last 50 tracks you listened to while offline the next time you connect to the web.
  • Private Sessions: If you don’t want Spotify to log your play history (and thus not use the data for recommendations), you can enter a Private Session. If you start a Private Session on Spotify, Last.fm scrobbling is also suspended. It’s a great way to prevent your Last.fm data from getting clogged up with kids’ songs and podcasts . fm data from being cluttered with children’s tunes and podcasts.

Are There Any Downsides to Scrobbling Spotify?

How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm may significantly enhance your musical experience, but it is not without negatives.

The main source of worry is a lack of privacy. Many people are unaware that Last.fm is owned by CBS Interactive, an entertainment firm that also owns CBS News, CNET, GameSpot, ZDNet, and MetroLyrics.

Is it a good idea to reveal your whole listening history so CBS can fine-tune its profile of you? Many people believe that the trade-off isn’t worthwhile.

Second, there is a sense of permanency to How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm. Do you really want to see the music you were listening to five or ten years ago every time you open the app? This isn’t for everyone, especially if you currently utilize Spotify’s music discovery features to discover new songs.

Finally, security should be mentioned. Last.fm had a significant data breach in 2012, compromising 45 million accounts. The information were not made public by the corporation until 2016. To this day, there is still a trust problem.

Last.fm Alternatives for Scrobbling Spotify

How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm is not the only scrobbling service available. Here are three other methods for scrobbling your Spotify songs.

Universal Scrobbler

Universal Scrobbler fills in the holes left by How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last.fm  It can scrobble music from sources other than Last.fm. This includes your car stereo, radio, and even vinyl records.

Open Scrobbler

Open Scrobbler is a manual scrobbler that allows you to choose the songs you want to add to your Last.fm profile. It, like Universal Scrobbler, may be used to scrobble vinyl recordings.

Vinyl Scrobbler

Vinyl Scrobbler is our final recommendation. It combines Last.fm and Discogs data to allow vinyl fans to record their listening history and combine it with their Spotify listening history.

Finally, while all three applications are adequate, none offer as many features and integrations as Last.fm.


Does Last.fm cost money?

Last.fm is not a paid service.

Can I see how many times I listened to a song on Spotify?

There is no way to know how many times a song has been played on Spotify.

Can you connect Last.fm to Spotify?

Yes, you can link Last.fm with Spotify. Here’s how it’s done:
Go to the “Connections” tab on Last.fm and pick “Spotify.”
Go to the “Music” tab on Spotify and pick “Last.fm.”

You can now browse and listen to all of your Last.fm playlists on Spotify, just like any other playlist.

Can you make your Last.fm private?

You may make your Last.fm account private. Go to your Last.fm account and select the Privacy Settings option from the left navigation menu. You may select whether to make your Last.fm account private or public from this page.


Finally, Last.fm is an excellent alternative for scrobbling anything you listen to on Spotify, but it should be more concerned with user privacy and security. Other than How to Scrobble Your Spotify Music With Last. fm options for scrobbling Spotify include Universal Scrobbler, Open Scrobbler, and Vinyl Scrobbler.

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