Kinemaster Chroma Key

Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster]

Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster]

Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster] We’ve seen programs that allow you to eliminate backdrops before, but the Kinemaster Chroma key takes things to the next level. This program not only supports more video formats than any other similar tool, but its green screen function is also extremely simple to use!

KineMaster is a free program that may be downloaded. To access all of your options, you will need to pay a monthly membership. In the free edition, your videos will also contain the KineMaster watermark.

You don’t need any complicated lighting or expensive equipment; simply angle your camera so that there is plenty of light on all sides, and you’re ready to begin! The results are very impressive: they appear highly professional because the algorithm does not leave shadows behind, like other chromakey filters do.

Kinemaster Chroma key Information

Name Kinemaster Chroma Key
Publisher Kinemaster Corporation
Version V6.1.2
Size 80 MB
Get it On Google Play
Updated August 17, 2022
MOD Features FREE

This Kinemaster Chroma Key lesson will walk you through the process of using Kinemaster’s chroma key functionality. This tool allows you to alter the backdrop of your movie with any color you like, making it easy to produce amazing green screen films.

Kinemaster Chroma key

The majority of new smartphones now offer 1080p or 4K video recording capabilities. Our phones, however, are more than simply video cameras; they are full-fledged production studios. You only need a competent video editor. In this piece, I will go over in depth the Kinemaster Chroma Key, which is ideal for you.

Chroma key is one of the features that has piqued the interest of many Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster] users, and we will essentially present Kinemaster’s chroma key APK setup in this article. This chroma key tool allows you to edit the movie as efficiently as possible. If you aren’t already using it, I’ll include a link to the Kinemaster pro mod apk download below.

However, there is a catch: KineMaster is not free. Everything you do with the free version is watermarked. A monthly or yearly membership is required to remove it and access further features.

Given that our visitors do not have to pay to use the Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster], we will give a download link to the Modded version of the Kinemaster chroma key, which unlocks all Premium features. You can use all of the Kinemaster Chroma key Application’s premium features for free.

Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster]
Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster]

About Kinemaster Chroma key

Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster] is an Android-based video editing program that features Chroma Key Green Screen and does not include a watermark. KineMaster chroma key is a light KineMaster variation that includes a Chroma key for editing photographs and films with a green screen.

This Chroma key allows you to add realistic VFX effects to your photos and movies. Kinemaster chroma key is the greatest Kinemaster app addition to utilize. The Kinemaster Chroma App must be installed with the original Kinemaster App in order to apply the addon to the Editor App.

How to Install Kinemaster with a Chroma Key?

Remove any previously installed versions of the Kinemaster App. Install the current Kinemaster version and the Kinemaster chroma key from the links below to enjoy the Mod and Chroma key for free.

What is Chroma Key?

Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster] is a backdrop replacement technique developed by Kinemaster. It works by examining video pixels and eliminating those that match whatever color you choose.

This function is compatible with KineMaster Pro APK, KineMaster Video Editor’s free edition, and KineMaster Lite, which only enables you to edit videos with the chroma key filter. To utilize this feature in Kinemaster, your smartphone must have at least Android Lollipop installed; previous versions will not allow chromakey removal or green screen filters.

How To Enable Chroma Key In Kinemaster?

  • You’ll need a green screen video. You may make this yourself or search Google for a video of a green screen.
  • Choose a photo or video from your gallery. Tap on the layer to open a menu where you may import green screen video.
  • To access the Chroma Key interface, select the Chroma Key option. It will automatically insert any video clip green screen backdrop from your collection.
  • Then, using KineMaster, you may add special effects, text, and stickers. You may also use KineMaster to delete the image and replace it with another.
  • You may export your video once you’ve finished editing it.

Why Is Green Screen Used For Background Removal?

Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster] are used to remove backgrounds since they can be simply taken out of a video clip and replaced with another picture or video without leaving any shadows behind. The chroma key colors are also affected by the light source. When editing films in KineMaster under low-light situations, things will seem blueish rather than greenish. Kinemaster automatically corrects this color shift to ensure that everything looks flawless!

Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster]

How to use the chroma key in Kinemaster without a green screen?

If you still believe that the KineMaster Chroma key is not a suitable fit for your purposes, KineMaster Pro APK provides an alternative method of doing backdrop removal.

This option is known as Mask in Kinemaster, and it works by masking the portions that need to be eliminated from videos and allowing them to resemble what’s behind them in real life.

To utilize this feature, you must have a picture with comparable colors at the edges as the video clip to which you wish to add a chroma key filter or green-screen effect.


We hope the Kinemaster Chroma key [Download Free Kinemaster] guide was helpful in understanding how to use Kinemaster’s green screen functionality. KineMaster is a robust video editing program with many useful features and tools, so try it out if you haven’t already.

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