Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt

Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt

Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt is an online game application for Android. This is one of the most comfortable APKs and loaded for Android users. User ratio 4. When it comes to online, the utility is good. Let me share with you the latest version of this application here.


Name Monster Hunter Stories
Package Name
Publisher CAPCOM CO., LTD. 
Category RPG
MOD Features Unlimited Money 
Version 1.0.4
Size 3G
Price FREE $4.99
Requires Android 5.0

Monster Legends Mode APK is a simple game where you can collect and tame all types of beautiful animals that you can make: Red fire dragons, giant monkeys, large sea snakes, and more.

In Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt mode, users must create an environment that is suitable for their monsters so that they can live and grow naturally. This means you have to design not only areas for monsters, but also buildings that provide resources and food (needed for the evolution of your monster).

The Google Play Store application is one of the best applications in the entertainment industry. After releasing this application, it quickly became viral because of its popular functionality and a pleasant user interface.

At APK Monster Legends Mod Hack, there are only more than 50 unique monsters, including ordinary creatures and their similarities. The evolutionary system, of course, is similar to Saga Pokmon; That is, when you pass the level, your monster can change their appearance and get new abilities.

Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt
Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt

Top Features of Monster Legends APK

Unlimited money
All open premium functions
Unlimited coins
All levels are open
Without advertisements
All unlimited
Unique Monster Is Waiting
– Collect more than 900 monsters: new monsters appear every week!
– Dilute various rare elements and monsters to create a beautiful new shot.
– You will find all types of extraordinary monsters in limited sports events.
Progress and RPG strategy
– Increase your monster size for future battles and increase their ranking in the monster lab.
– Increase the strength of your monster with the help of running, monuments, animals, and oysters to take advantage of battles.

Thin all elements and scarcity and exercise! Build your fighting strength and accept the challenge: fight with other monsters!

Find the history of the universe of fashion legend of Satan and its citizens. Start by building a city for your monster, filling it with habitat and thinning new creatures! Then collect monsters and choose your strategy in dynamic battles.

What’s new
Bug repair and performance improvement.

About Monster Hunter Stories

This game is completely different from other Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt games because this is not an online game, but a beautiful offline game that you can enjoy. Monster Hunter Stories is a huge success in the Nintendo 3DS operating system, and Capcom has no reason not to release an official version for Android and iOS.

Monster Hunter stories are now available for download, but keep in mind that this is a paid game. As the owner of the cellular version of this game, you have to spend 67 15.67, in general, this number is not greater than the 3DS version. Note that the current game is only in Japanese, making it difficult for players to understand the game instructions.


What do you do when the monster attacks you? Looking for a bold protection or war? When the monster suffered a black rot, he attacked your village and pushed you into a dangerous battle. Like Monster Rider, you have to find and destroy them, there are many missions on your journey …

Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt

First you steal monster eggs and hatch, then you have to use it, name him and train him to enter the battle with you. In this game, you will explore various places, collect strong monsters, fight, and the object of power.

Monster companion

As mentioned in the plot, you can call monsters, hatch it, and train them so that they can join you in battle, explore the world, and go to new places. Monsters are called monsters, but first, to start monsters, you must find it first and hatch. Monster eggs can be found in the Monster Cave, if you are brave enough, run there and catch them! There are many types of monsters, including animals that are unconscious, flying wings, leviaphone, wyvern birds, vegetarian …

Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt

You can strengthen the sub-Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt by using the “transfer function” function, where you change the communication genes into monsters and activate their properties and abilities. Using the broadcast function will help you configure your play style.

APK version of Monster Hunter Stories

This is the complete APK version of the game purchased and modified by Apk mod. You can play this game comfortably without paying any commission.

Remember that you can only play independently.

How to Install & Download Monster MOD APK on Android or iPhone

In this section, you will learn how to download and install APK on any Android or iOS device.

Unknown files, all devices cause some problems during installation. So you must first allow it in the Device Command section.

Check an unknown source, you do the following:

First, you have to go to the “setting” option,

Press the safety button,

Finally, allow free installation and loading from unknown sources.

Well, I hope you like the new version of this Monster Mode Hack Apk game. Enjoy downloading the latest version for free by following this link.

Thank you very much for visiting my site. Don’t forget to visit the apk download hunt website. Here we share with you the latest information about the most interesting games and applications for Android and iOS.


Does this game have any security threats?

No, there is no spam threat, security and virus in this game. Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt does not endanger your cellphone and computer and does not contain viruses or malware.

Can I play Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt offline?

No, because this is a game server, Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt mode cannot be played in autonomous mode. If you want to play this game on your cellphone or tablet, you need a reliable internet connection. But a weak but stable internet connection is suitable for playing this game on Mac or PC.

Can I play monster legend MOD APK on PC?

Yes, you can play the Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt on a computer. However, to install this game on Mac or PC, you must first install the prototype on your computer.


If you feel you have free time from learning hard, you want to play battle and strategy games. This APK is worth trying to use Monster Legends Apk for Android & ios – Apk Download Hunt Fashion, because the modified APK version has increased pleasure, which adds more functionality without disappointment when opened. Like it or not, share your thoughts in the comments.

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