Solved: Spotify not working on Roku

Solved: Spotify not working on Roku

Spotify MOD Apk is one of the world’s most popular music-streaming services. They Solved: Spotify not working on Roku have millions of customers that like listening to music on their Roku device.

However, due to system upgrades, several customers have complained that the Spotify channel on their Roku tv would not open or load. This post will walk you through the steps necessary to resolve the Spotify not functioning on Roku issue.

When most individuals are having problems with their Solved: Spotify not working on Roku on their Roku device, there are five solutions that have been shown to work:

Why is Spotify not working on Roku

To determine why Solved: Spotify not working on Roku is unable to open/load on your Roku device, look into the following possibilities.

Storage Issues
Your Solved: Spotify not working on Roku device may be running out of storage capacity. Roku has a 5000 channel limit for installation. So you’ve probably hit your limit, which is why the Spotify channel does not display on Roku when users try to search for it, leading in the warning “Can’t locate Spotify on Roku.”

Internet Issues

Following then, there are internet troubles, which means the Roku device will be unable to connect to it. Furthermore, if your internet connection is poor or slower than necessary, you may encounter this issue.

Outdated System

Solved: Spotify not working on Roku is available on all Roku TV models and Roku streaming devices (models 3600 or above). The minimum software version required is Roku OS 8.2.

However, if the Roku device is no longer supported, Solved: Spotify not working on Roku will not run on Roku owing to obsolete software. To resolve this issue, you must upgrade your system.

Fortunately, the issue may be rectified by following the steps mentioned below. Continue reading this post for more information on how to resolve the Spotify not functioning on Roku issue.

Solved: Spotify not working on Roku
Solved: Spotify not working on Roku

How to fix Spotify not working on Roku

There are four approaches for dealing with the Spotify not working issue. These are their names:

  1. Restart Spotify App

While in the Spotify app, press the Back button of your Roku controller until the app closes. You can wait for a while before restarting the Spotify app so that the changes take place.

  1. Update the Spotify App

There is a chance that the Spotify App is out of date. If this is the case, you may manually update the app and begin listening to your favorite music on Spotify.

  1. Update your Roku Device

If the preceding method fails, you can update your device by clicking here. If your Roku device cannot be updated, you can try manually upgrading it. To do a system update, simply navigate to your device’s settings and then to the system.

4. Remove the Spotify app and add it again

Whether you do not observe any changes after installing system updates, simply remove the Spotify app and reinstall it to check if changes are available.

If uninstalling the channel, resetting your device, and re-adding the channel does not address the problem, I recommend contacting Spotify directly to report the problem and request extra help.

5. Contacting Roku Customer Support

You may contact Roku customer care at any time by selecting the button below and submitting your question. One of Roku’s customer care specialists will respond as quickly as possible with the best solution to your problem.

What Does a Roku Do?

Roku is a streaming device that allows customers to access both paid and free streaming networks. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and many others. All you have to do is install these applications on your smartphone, sign in, and start streaming.

Solved: Spotify not working on Roku

A Roku connects to your TV through the HDMI connector or a USB adapter. When you connect the gadget to the internet, it will begin downloading video material for you to watch on a TV. Remember that the video is not preserved. Furthermore, the “channels” that are presented are simply the programs that you have downloaded. Consider it similar to installing apps on your smartphone or tablet.


So, if you have the same issue as described above, you can apply the remedies provided above to resolve the Spotify not working on Roku issue. Don’t worry or be frustrated. To start listening to Spotify music right now, follow the procedures outlined above.


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