Spotify Free vs. Premium

Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade

Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade

Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade If you’re currently a free Spotify customer, you’ve definitely considered subscribing to Premium due to the obnoxious commercials. However, there is more to that decision than you may realize.

Furthermore, while the monthly fee of $9.99 may not seem like much to some, it will undoubtedly build up over time. Will the Premium plan’s unlimited skips, greater audio quality, and other fancy features be worth it for you?

To assist with this, we’ll compare Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Up gradein this post to discover if the latter is worth paying for. We’ll also discuss why Spotify is regarded as one of the greatest music streaming applications available today. So, let’s get started!

Is Spotify Free Really Free?

If you’re wondering whether you have to pay to listen to music on Spotify, the answer is yes.

However, in order to enjoy the ‘free’ version of the program, you must invest a few minutes of your time each time an ad appears (which happens every few tracks). This suggests that you are paying more for your time rather than money.

You may believe that Spotify Free is a great deal. But the fact is that Spotify doesn’t lose anything by allowing you to listen to music for free. They continue to profit from the ad slots they sell to marketers.

However, Spotify’s Premium service accounts for the majority of its total income. That’s why the advertising on the free tier are meant to be annoying enough to entice you to upgrade to the Premium plan instead.

So, if you don’t want to be bothered by ads or want an uninterrupted listening experience, Spotify’s Free plan isn’t for you.

However, if you’re wanting to save membership expenses or simply test out Spotify, keep reading for a detailed description of what to anticipate from Spotify’s Free plan.

What to Expect From Spotify Free

Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade
Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade

While the free tier has several limits, you may still use it as a music streaming platform.

Spotify Free gives you access to chosen tailored playlists, up to 160kbit/s audio quality, and on-demand playback on the desktop client.

On hubs like ‘Made For You’ and ‘Only You,’ you may find tailored songs created using algorithm-driven AI.

There are also playlists like Blend, which allow you to experience one other person’s combined musical interests on the app and even track changes in each other’s listening habits over time.

Because most of these customised playlists grow over time, depending on your changing likes and listening patterns, they are excellent solutions to circumvent Spotify Free’s constraints. Needless to say, these discoveries are fascinating indicators of your own development – via your musical journey.

Drawbacks of Spotify Free

As previously stated, Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade plan is not truly “free.” However, there are more limitations to the app’s Free model than annoying adverts that appear every few minutes. Here is the whole list.

Ad interruptions

These commercial spots in the shape of banners and ad-libs are what make Spotify’s free service viable, despite the fact that they are an obvious start to the host of constraints on Spotify Free.

Ads will appear every 2 to 4 songs, depending on the duration. In reality, consumers have recently complained about being interrupted by commercials every 1-2 songs (even without skipping a song). There have also been reports of numerous commercials playing video and audio at the same time.

Limited skips

Every hour, you only get six skips. You should reserve them for music that you really do not want to hear. However, if you use the desktop software or some of the personalized playlists, you receive unlimited skips.

No offline listening

Spotify Free requires an internet connection at all times, which may result in excessive data and battery use.

Premium Duo

Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade

The Premium Duo package is intended for two persons who live at the same address. Two persons can keep two distinct Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade accounts under one billing for $12.99 per month (or around $6.45 per person). It’s a terrific way to get Premium features while saving money.

In addition to Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade Individual features, customers receive Duo Mix — a playlist that blends your favorite songs and music genres.

Premium Student

Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade

The Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade Student package is offered to current college or university students enrolled at SheerID-accredited schools. It has all of the benefits of a Premium Individual plan for half the price of the original monthly fee.

As previously said, it also includes access to Hulu and SHOWTIME, which is a unique Spotify offer that is ideal for students on a budget.

Spotify Free vs. Premium: Side-by-side Comparison

Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade

It’s always a good idea to understand the differences between the two plans before determining whether to go with Free or Premium. Though we discussed some of these distinctions before, we’ll perform a more direct comparison for each category in this section for ease of reference.


Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade

You should expect both visual and audio advertising to disrupt your listening experience with Spotify Free vs. Premium: Should You Upgrade. Ads will appear on the desktop app once a set number of tracks have been skipped (usually around 14, based on our testing).

Full-screen advertising, on the other hand, appear when you activate the app or switch playlists on the mobile app, but seldom when listening to music because playback is already limited.

Because the adverts are unskippable, you’ll have to listen to every bit of promotional information before your next song begins.


Finally, there is no way to declare that one strategy is clearly superior than the other. We all consume music differently and have various priorities when it comes to how and what we spend our money on this pastime.

That being said, we hope this article has helped you decide whether Spotify Premium is worth upgrading to. If you’re still not sure, you can always try out the free trial.

How did you come upon our Spotify review? Do you have any questions or comments on what we discussed? If so, please leave them in the comments area below. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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