Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you

Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you

Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you There are several premium Spotify options from which to pick. However, you need think about who you’re going to share your music streaming with and how you’re going to divide your account if you want to make the most of your money.

To assist you in selecting the Spotify Premium plan that best suits your budget and listening preferences, we’ve evaluated the four main subscription plans: Individual, Duo, Family, and Student. You can find out how much mobile data Spotify consumes here as well as in a similar article on which Netflix package is best for you.

On the Spotify website, you may create a free account and choose a plan if you haven’t previously done so.

The lowdown on Spotify plans

First things first, have a look at Spotify’s free option if you haven’t previously. You still have access to a sizable music catalog, but you’ll have to put up with a few limitations. There are also limitations on the amount of skips, the number of visual and audio adverts, and the ability to listen to music offline.

If all of that strikes you as being too much of a compromise, Premium is unquestionably the best option. Here is a more thorough comparison of Spotify Free versus Spotify Premium.

To be clear, each Which is the best Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you account for you membership has the following features:

Streaming music without ads

Offline gaming

Numerous skips

Additionally, each plan offers a free trial period of one month so you may experience Spotify Premium’s advantages without having to pay anything.

Despite the fact that Which is the best Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you account for you permits shared accounts, only one payment method may be registered. Thus, consider how you want to divide the cost of your selected Spotify Premium service. You may ask them to pay with a straightforward standing order, use PayPal to share the cost here, or utilize a service like Monzo. The maximum number of users on one account is six.

All of these individuals will also want your registered email address and password, so make sure you feel comfortable disclosing these credentials. Avoid using important passwords, such as those you use for online banking, as an example.

To ease your financial worries, we have also totaled the annual comparable cost of each plan. Except for Spotify Individual, which provides both monthly and yearly alternatives (though paying for a year’s worth doesn’t net you any discount), most plans are monthly rolling and may be terminated at any moment.


It’s important to note that consumers have been informed through email that these pricing will change on April 30. Most plans will increase by £1 per month and by £2 per month for the Family plan. For current clients, these

Spotify Premium Individual

Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you
Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you

Are you not a student and don’t want to share your account with anyone? Select the basic Premium package. You can keep this account to yourself with ad-free listening, unlimited skips, the option to favorite and build playlists, and of course, the opportunity to download music.

For three months, the cost of your membership also includes the meditation and mental wellness app Headspace; after that, it rises to £14.99 per month. Visit Headspace to sign up for Spotify Premium.

If you’re considering giving a buddy access to your Premium privileges, reconsider. If you attempt to listen to music on two different devices at once, Spotify will log you out.

If you can schedule your music accordingly,

Spotify Premium Duo

Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you

The newest Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you account is called Premium Duo, and it’s especially designed for couples or close friends who share an address. Not only do you both receive a profile for your own unique musical preferences, but you also have access to Duo Mix, a tailored playlist that takes into account both of your musical preferences.

Don’t obtain a shared account with someone you aren’t living with because Premium Duo only works for two people sharing the same address. Spotify randomly checks your GPS, and if it discovers you breaking the restrictions, it may terminate your account.

If you and someone you reside with both desire Spotify Premium, Spotify Premium Duo is the obvious money-saving option because it will only cost you £5.99 a month each rather than £9.99 per person. Students are the exception to this trend; they still do better with separate Premium Student memberships.

Spotify Premium Student

Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you

While you can, benefit from the student discount. If you’re a student, Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you Student delivers all the advantages of Spotify Premium Individual at almost half the cost. Again, unless you plan to play music together as a group, like at a party, this isn’t exactly the account you want if you’re planning on sharing.

If you wish to split anything with someone, consider your options carefully. Choose Spotify Premium Family if there are more than two more persons. If both of you are students, Spotify Premium Duo is not cost-effective.

Additionally, Spotify Premium Student provides a fantastic deal: Headspace is included free of charge for the duration of your student membership. That’s a significant discount and a longer trial period than the three months provided on normal accounts. Click here to register for Spotify Premium Student with Headspace.

Which Spotify account is the best?

Well, that depends entirely on your circumstances. With the addition of the Headspace trials, Spotify Premium Person or Spotify Premium Student will be ideal for you if you’re an individual or student who isn’t interested in sharing.

It depends on how many people there are if you’re in a group. The Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you Family subscription is by far the most economical choice for three to six individuals living together, whether or not they are students. If you’re in a relationship, you should only choose Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you Duo if you aren’t both students because two separate student accounts would still be somewhat less expensive.



We’ve got answers.

  • Do we share an account, or do we each get our own?
    Each person on the plan gets their own Which is the best Spotify Premium account for you account so you don’t need to share or use each other’s login details. And because you’re now on separate accounts, music recommendations are tailored to your individual tastes.
    • I’m already on Premium. What happens to all my saved music?
      Your stored songs, playlists, and suggestions will all be kept when you upgrade to Duo using your current Premium account.
      • Can we only listen at home?
        Anyone, anywhere may listen. You may both use your Spotify accounts anywhere you want, on any device, after we’ve confirmed you both reside at the same location.


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